Cupcake & Cake Flavors

Vanilla Rum


Red Velvet

Ginger Carrot


Dulce de Leché

Sweet Potato





          Cupcakes $30/dozen (up to 3 flavors per dozen)

Standard cupcakes include frosting and sprinkles.

Custom designs, toppers and fillings is additional.


Custom Cakes - pricing varies on design, servings and details.

Contact us for a quote or call/text 786-565-7221.


Dessert & Cupcake Jars $7.50 each 

(Half dozen minimum order required)

Each jar contains 2 cupcakes layered with decadent frosting/filling. 

Birthday Cake

Red Velvet

Strawbery Lemon

Vanilla Rum

Chocolate Toffee Crunch

Dulce de Leché

Drunken Monkey

Caramel Apple


Cookies & Cookie Cakes

4" gourmet cookies sold by the dozen

Chocolate Chip

Walnut Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Pecan Peanut Butter Chip


Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip

Double Chocolate Salted Caramel

$25 and up


Decorated Sugar Cookies

(dozen minimum order required. Price varies on design and size.)

$3 - $6 each


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes (serves 12-15)

single layer starts at $40

double layer with buttercream filling starts at $60


Chocolate Treats

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

starting at $25/dz

Cake Pops

starting at $30/dz

Geo Hearts

starting at $45/half dz

Dipped Rice Crispies

starting at $30/dz


Allergy Warning:

Our goodies are produced in an environment where nuts are used and handled. Our baking equipment comes in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, nut oils, extracts, and products containing gluten. 
We provide gluten friendly products for those avoiding gluten for nutritional purposes. 


**Prices and flavors listed above are subject to change.**


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